About The Edison Clinic

Hello. This is less about us, more about you. We want everyone to be happy and healthy, and with health and happiness comes responsibility. But let's be real, who are we? We were founded in 19██ by ██████ █, he cared deeply for ████████████████████, whom he l████████████████████self. ████████████████████perience, and had ██████████. His ██████████, ██████████████████ horseriding and spent da████████████████████████████████████████ who she lovingly did not name after herself. The ██████████ happy until the final years when she developed Leptospirosis, leading to kidney failure in many horses- but not Tyra, who died of ████████████████████. Ronnie Wood, guitarist of the R██████████s also runs Sandym██████████ in Ireland and has enjoyed ██████████ for years with his family. When ████████ reached age ███████████ed that enough was enough, and started the Edison Clinic we now call salvation.